RACT Insurance

Tasmanian Stories

What we did

RACT Insurance is a local Tasmanian insurer. Looking to capitalise on existing brand equity and good will, we created a campaign that told the story of real Tasmanians and real insurance claims. With a bit of filtering (and some permission of course), we found a series of humorous and compelling stories that resonated with the Tasmanian audience.

What we delivered
  • Television Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Outdoor
  • Press Ads
  • Digital Display

Before Creative

TV Ads

Laundry 15 Second
Farm Gate 15 Second
Samurai 15 Second
Dentures 15 Second
Bath 15 Second

Magazine Ads

RACT Insurance

Personal Effects Insurance Magazine Ad

RACT Insurance

Boat Insurance Magazine Ad

Digital Ads

Tasmanian Stories Digital Ads